11 Bal 2020
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Hopefully I didn't start another PRANK WAR! We got him good. Make sure to LIKE this video and SUBSCRIBE to my channel :)
Brent's Channel: @Brent Rivera

If you see this, comment your favorite prank we pulled on Brent! Love you guys :)

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    Alexa RiveraAlexa RiveraPrieš 7 mėnesių
    • Ohhhhh love you too

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    • 500th comnet!

      hello Hellohello HelloPrieš mėn
    • Lexi your a spoiled bratttt

      Eevi VirtanenEevi VirtanenPrieš mėn
    • Alexa Rivera my mom sed no I can’t but I can like

      Tamara N. FreiwatTamara N. FreiwatPrieš mėn
    • OMG hi Lexi this is my mom's profile picture by the way I'm just like your old girl I love your videos

      Silent No MoreSilent No MorePrieš 2 mėnesius
  • Bruh l didn't except that scare when she passed out " like l got startled and my phone when flying but l caught it

    Vandana KumariVandana KumariPrieš 10 minučių
  • so o my god

    Marley KnutsonMarley KnutsonPrieš val
  • He is ben prank

    Razan GhaliRazan GhaliPrieš 3 val
  • Oh brant

    Razan GhaliRazan GhaliPrieš 3 val
  • I love it

    AD - 04MS 830180 Morton Way PSAD - 04MS 830180 Morton Way PSPrieš dieną
  • Hahahhahaha

    Lyrics SnapLyrics SnapPrieš dieną
  • I love the first prank😅😆

    Klara LifeKlara LifePrieš dieną
  • I love how the mom always smiles and keeps everything positive and lexi is always laughing and being silly!

    Stanger ThingsStanger ThingsPrieš dieną
  • xcccvbnm,.,mkjhgfczvuiytrewsdfghjk;?kjhgfZxcvgbhjnmk,./

    rylee jacksonrylee jacksonPrieš dieną
  • Yea you should because he is annoying really he does a lot of pranks

    Wendy FredericksWendy FredericksPrieš dieną
  • This is so so funny lexi

    lily vanderschaafflily vanderschaaffPrieš 2 dienas
  • 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢❤

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  • # Alexa squad

    Neha PatelNeha PatelPrieš 2 dienas
  • I love lexie her mom brent and all who be in the video ❤️😃😃😃❤️❤️😃❤️❤️❤️👍👍👍🤪🙁🙁🙁🙁👍🙁🙁👍👍👍😁😁😁

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  • Udhduuddhdjjdjiqvhzhsdufgpicoufukcculv guys s

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  • I actually whent ur mom to be in more videos

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  • 😄 🤣 😂 😆 😄

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  • Braelynn Hall is done

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  • Braelynn Hall is a fan of you

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  • Every body who pranks there family and freinds in covid 19 😷

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  • ☠️😁

    Life of Ryan JohnsonLife of Ryan JohnsonPrieš 2 dienas
  • You should do a video of a manner you can buy a people over

    Amelia WysockaAmelia WysockaPrieš 3 dienas
  • Ur mom is such a good actor

    Sartam ChuttiSartam ChuttiPrieš 3 dienas
  • i love you and good mom

    Candice BennettCandice BennettPrieš 3 dienas
  • It so weird my names Alexandria and my nick name is Lexy

    HoneyBee ChocolateHoneyBee ChocolatePrieš 3 dienas
  • I love your videos they are the best

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  • Your pranks is the best

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  • Tip: Staples’ own glue is not drying, it doesn’t work as good when u do some more weird stuff with it. I love staples, I’m just telling u. BUT I LOVE LEXI’S VIDS MOOOOREEE

    Nikol NikolovaNikol NikolovaPrieš 3 dienas
  • You are so cute

  • Their mom is by far the best!

    Jade SeeJade SeePrieš 3 dienas
  • So funny I love when u prank Brent

    McKinley LieblMcKinley LieblPrieš 4 dienas
  • i got a idea how about you tell him there is something in your water bottle and tell him to go closer then squeeze it in his face hahahah

    Etse K GALLEYEtse K GALLEYPrieš 4 dienas
  • Hahahahahahahahahhahahahahahhhaahahahhaahahahahahah

    Julie ManalacJulie ManalacPrieš 4 dienas
  • Lexi’s mom is always smiling 😊

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  • 8:59 😂😂😂

    Niva RajoreNiva RajorePrieš 4 dienas
  • Lexi you're amazing

    jeon jungkookjeon jungkookPrieš 4 dienas
  • We did the toilet prank

    Megan BarrosMegan BarrosPrieš 4 dienas
  • "This is the haunted house"

    Imposter 3DImposter 3DPrieš 4 dienas
  • These are all so fake

    Kussh RaathiKussh RaathiPrieš 4 dienas
  • I love you guys

    karmar morgankarmar morganPrieš 4 dienas
  • The toilets are from 24 hour challenge in abounded house. Like if agree Lol Nice try

    Maksim UsenkoMaksim UsenkoPrieš 5 dienų
  • Who is the camera man

    Naju MubarakNaju MubarakPrieš 5 dienų
  • All of theas pranks...... aren’t pranks

    Owen Faber YTOwen Faber YTPrieš 5 dienų
  • That was a funny prank. Good job guy.

    Tarah EtienneTarah EtiennePrieš 5 dienų
  • This video was amazing. Love from India.

    Ananya VishnuAnanya VishnuPrieš 5 dienų
  • Some of those are not pranks. Honestly. But pls don't assume that I'm a hater. I love ur channel.

    KT DikgangKT DikgangPrieš 5 dienų
  • $$

    Laraib KhanLaraib KhanPrieš 5 dienų
  • Lexi you are cute

    Rebecca NelsonRebecca NelsonPrieš 5 dienų
  • For example the first thing I hate about this love is that you can you talk about the things that you want

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  • Z🌷🌹🥀🌻🌼💐🌾🌸🌺🍄

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  • Ok um Day two Lexi is wearing her shirt backwards

    Malia FilmsMalia FilmsPrieš 5 dienų
  • Hi alexa

    Adeela KhanAdeela KhanPrieš 6 dienų
  • All of Brent's reactions...❤️❤️😂

    Vihar DesaiVihar DesaiPrieš 6 dienų

    Dannica F.GarciaDannica F.GarciaPrieš 6 dienų
  • I feel sad and I think you are enjoying it it's looking funny your mum is amazing your mum is amazing

    Bharathan PBharathan PPrieš 6 dienų
  • He deserved this

    Lylivia GutierrezLylivia GutierrezPrieš 6 dienų
  • Prank brent that you got boyfrend

    Kimoya reidKimoya reidPrieš 6 dienų
  • Aww love the Riveras

    Scout DorseyScout DorseyPrieš 6 dienų
  • On the last prank brent got to scard

    Brandon RodriguezBrandon RodriguezPrieš 6 dienų
  • Hd fjgkf digs hfyf dhfh due fjgkf Dhf Fjd

    tanya McDonaldtanya McDonaldPrieš 7 dienų
  • Your mom should get a yt channel

    #1 cringyest Family#1 cringyest FamilyPrieš 7 dienų
  • yes

    Serena LundeliusSerena LundeliusPrieš 7 dienų
  • Brent deserved those pranks!😂

    Joey PruzonJoey PruzonPrieš 7 dienų
  • I really love ur intro and u are really so cuteee... Loads of love from india

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  • Hahahaha

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  • I love your videos

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  • I love ur videos

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  • Can I get a ✨ avacodo✨ train

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  • Stinks that ambulance mom should have a LTworlds channel

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  • LOVE YOU Riveras

    Isabella SophiaIsabella SophiaPrieš 8 dienų
    • Love u

      Isabella SophiaIsabella SophiaPrieš 8 dienų
  • next time put fake blood around the house as if it is a murder

    Hasini PanugantiHasini PanugantiPrieš 9 dienų
  • For some odd reason I don't have the notification bell. If you get this please answer me back in what I am supposed to do it send an email to me at Thanks love you lexi

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  • Your brother so deserves the prank

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  • lol who else though this was funny

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  • i love the one your toile is smoking

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  • I love your mom😙😙😙😙😙😙

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  • Notice Brent didn’t delete the video

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  • Hi lexi I love you

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  • Hello lexi I'm your biggest fan and I'm only 10 I subscribe to your vidio and I hit the bell button to all I love you lexi

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  • Michel

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  • It seems so funey😂

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  • more real hand sanatiser

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  • i hat you lexi

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  • Haaaaaaaaaaa

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  • You and your mother is so beautiful😍😘

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  • Hahahaha good for you

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  • Done I like and yeah

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  • Lexi eyeliner is Very nice

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  • brent is cutest person i have ever laid my eyes upon

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  • I know lexi is very cute

    hafiz cool Ashton hashimhafiz cool Ashton hashimPrieš 11 dienų
  • Why does Lexi always have to put her arm up like that

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  • Lexi is so funny

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  • Hey guys I’m with my LOVELY mother……and we are going to get REVENGE -Lexi

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  • Hi👋🏻

  • Stop bothering your family members :|

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