Expectations vs Reality | New Year's Resolutions!

29 Grd 2018
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  • I’m really late but I’m really messy

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  • Lexi would look sooo pretty with short hair

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    • Ikr!!

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  • We need more of these

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  • My favorite part Room clean

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  • Siss you are soo beautiful 😍😍I LOVE YOUR CHANNEL SOOO MUCH❤ Love you soo much siss✌ Lots of love from INDIA. ..

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  • 2020???

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  • Who is here 2020

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  • Any one waching during quarintine???

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  • Lexi I only have brothers to

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  • And I love 2:37 hhahaha

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  • Hahahah, I looooved 1:33 that was awesome!

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  • love you / and your videos

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  • You should do more of these videos skit things

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  • Hope you feel better soon!!!

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  • It looked really cute when Lexie had her hair short for the whole teacher thing LOL

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  • Awesome video!!

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  • Is that the burn book from mean girls 😂😂

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  • Anyone watching in 2020?? Happy new year y’all!!

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  • Thats why I dont have any Goals 😂😂😅

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  • Yeah I saw it

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  • OMG the entire video is sooo me anyone else who can relate?

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  • You're voice sounds normal

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  • You kind look 👀 like Brent when u laugh 🤭

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  • Intro is cringe

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  • 1:58, *teacher AND student wearing crop top alert! *. VIOLATION! 😂 😂 😂

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  • Lexi didn’t comment on this video

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  • I dare you tobe bens girl friend

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  • Me with my room: mInE oUt nO tOuChY. my brother: *touches* me:OH HELL NO

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  • That's actually my goals too but the most hardest is to have a good grade

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  • No fair AirPods?!

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  • Cleaning my room

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  • When someone says my room is a mess: MESS!!! This is not mess it is art and it took a long time to do (sniff sniff😢) do you want me to ruin my ART!!!

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  • Hey

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  • Thx

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  • 1:44 go check it out plz

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  • Grades

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  • The one I struggle with da most is probably keeping my room clean

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  • It's like an off-and-on relationship between me and my goals 😂

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  • girl shut up ur fit as hell look at me hon

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  • Love this video Lexi

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  • I love this channel I am subsribed and have all of my post notifications. And also can you make your vids a littlte longer... Just a suggestion.

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  • 1:44 ay ay ay aayyyyyy. I saw that “thank you Brent “book!

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  • Really nice

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  • Are you dating ben

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  • Please do more videos like this, you pretty funny and need practice for not to laugh when you're acting xD I love you

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  • Mine is Definitely keeping my room clean. Its been my resolution for like the past 2 years now . lol, i dont know how it gets messy so quickly

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  • Lexi s face and action at 2:08 lollllll!!!!!😂😂😂

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  • mine was 3 one !!😂'

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  • How old are you

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  • Fail in 2019 LOL so funny!!!!!!!!!!!! 😁 😁😁😁😁🤣🤣

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  • 3:15 that face tho

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  • Hehe 1:44😂 Thank you Brent🙆🙈

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  • Thank you, Brent 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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  • get better

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  • 2019😄😍😅😘😅😘

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  • In expectation of getting better grades I think I saw the thank you Brent notebook book like if you saw that video or if you saw what I saw

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  • At 2:43 she does that same laugh that Brent does

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  • Why was everyone sick during that time including me

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  • The only reason we r subscribed to u is because u r THICC and hot

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  • Happy 2019 happy 2019

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  • cleaning my room that's hard to

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  • This was a short video

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  • I like you, you make videos for the people not so it can benefit you and make it ten mins

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  • Lol my teacher actually always throws stuff at those who aren't paying attention

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